Minissha Lamba: 6 wishes she wants fulfilled!

Minissha Lamba: 6 wishes she wants fulfilled!

Bollywood’s hot actress Minissha Lamba celebrates her birthday on 18th January but the pretty damsel is in Goa for her acting assignments. She, certainly, is denied a party due to her gruelling work schedule.

“If I wanted a holiday, I would have been chilling out at my place in Mumbai,” she longs.

But, when quizzed on the one birthday wish, she wants fulfilled; she gets greedy and cites 6. Here they are:

1. To forever be 19.
2. To be busy with work.
3. A perfect 10 body without working hard for it.
4. Travelling the world to exotic locales.
5. To go on a date with Daniel Craig (sigh….lucky bloke)
6. To be lucky with cards (we are, sure, her fans would shower her with thousands)

So, the sweet and short Minissha Lamba is a gift-loving cute, chirpy gal. And, for you fans, who feel mesmerized by her chocolaty face, here’s a pic of hers.

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